Saturday, 25 January 2014

Dungeon Dashing Company!

It's time to delve into a few new dungeons that were introduced in Patch 2.1! Two low level dungeons made a reappearance as the first "Hard Mode" dungeons, along with one other entirely new and exciting challenge!

The peace that adventurers hailing from Ul'dah had restored to the Copperbell Mines literally came crashing down, as megaton giants and pesky prank-loving Spriggans began to roam free throughout it's cavernous maws once more.

Revenge always was a dish served with a giant hammer, wouldn't you agree?

There's more than meets the eye to the refurbished Haukke Manor, as new and intricate passageways pave a rather scenic route to many an Adventurer's grave. 

There's always time for a little bit of torture before death though, right?

Stating Pharos Sirius is simply an abandoned La Noscean lighthouse would be very, very wrong. Filled to the brim with corrupted crystals, formidable beasts and shattered dreams of many a fallen adventurer, your only navigation through this upwards maze of destruction is the song of the ever-beckoning Siren. 

Luckily, all songs eventually come to an end.

Thanks for reading!

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