Friday, 17 January 2014

Crystalline Tower: Part 1

Behold the Crystal Tower! A new 24-man raid instance introduced in Patch 2.1 that will be constantly updated with new areas over time. Let's delve right into the first one!

Strawberry teams up with Cid, Biggs, Wedge and an unfamiliar face as they try to uncover the secrets behind this giant Allagan remnant.

As the door of fate opens...

Our heroes find the mighty tower is a lot further away than expected! It's up to Strawberry and 23 other brave adventurers to battle through the mysterious labyrinth and a clear a way for the gang!

This first section of the Crystal Tower is very straightforward. 24 people, split up into 8-man full parties. There are a total of four bosses and two sub bosses, along with some practice monsters at the beginning of the stage.

Familiar faces include King Behemoth, Atomos, and Archeon from Final Fantasy III!

The bosses aren't too difficult, and the feeling of fighting alongside another 23 other people is pretty breathtaking at first, but loses it's charm quickly when 20 of them are idiots that don't listen to instructions!

There are five new six-piece gear sets for each job type, and treasure is available to lot party-wide, with each boss dropping three treasure caskets, you can only open your own party's treasure!

The Fuma set for Monk, resembles Ninja gear, and even has shuriken and kunai strapped to the body! I have every piece apart from the feet so far, those elusive Fuma Kyahan from FFXI still have yet to drop! Some things never change.

There's also a gear lockout system, meaning players can only Need or Greed one item per week. Once I'm done with Fuma, I'll start working on White Mage's Royal set! Wish me luck!

Overall, Crystal Tower's first stage is a bag of mixed feelings. It's a great concept, but way too easy, and after collecting a bunch of items over the weeks, trying to hone in on those last one or two to complete your sets can take up to 20+ runs to even see the item you want drop, then you have to lot against people to get your mitts on it!

But it also gives tomes of Mythology and Philosophy, so at the very least, you will always come out with something! Thanks for reading!

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