Sunday, 12 January 2014

Christmas & New Year 2014

It's time for another Seasonal Event! The Starlight Celebration was held over Christmas - much like it's FFXI counterpart.

2014's new costumes were a full body Snowman Suit! The mouth even opens and closes with the /visor command!

Here's Strawberry bopping Rie on the head.

Players who didn't play FFXIV during 1.0 also had the chance to purchase previous Starlight Celebration gear like this Santa Suit...

...and this adorable little reindeer one!

Speaking of reindeer, even Mochi wanted in on the festivities! Here he is decked out in some Christmas apparel as we deliver presents to all the kids of Coerthas!

New Year's even on the other hand was very odd indeed! 2014 is the year of the horse, and that's all this event was about - horses! You had to become one with your inner horse if you wanted to walk away with a variety heads. Yeah.

The jist of the quest was Chocobos suck and horses are great. But in the end, everyone became friends, I dunno, I wasn't listening.

After all, horses don't understand words.

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