Saturday, 25 January 2014

All Grown Up

I beat those pesky Extreme Mode Primals again this week and all I have to show for it is this ugly old man!

It's quite hard to make out in this image, but you can just about see his orange eyes and big fat bark lips under his long, pointy nose. He's even animated! Which leads me to believe he's just a grown up version of my adorable Madman's Whispering Rod! How could something so cute turn so old? Only time knows!

I miss you already, little guy! 

I'm not sure where Omnirod stands for White Mage at the moment. On paper, it's stats seem to be balanced with Thyrus Zenith, swapping +26 Determination which affects all curing spells for +26 Critical Hit Rate which pushes me over the 400 cap, and is also great for soloing with Holy and Stone 2. It also gets rid of the useless +23 Spell Speed for a massive boost in MP (+231) via +28 Piety (almost a free Cure 2!), which is nothing to scoff at.

I'll give this new old geezer a spin and see if I notice any difference!

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