Saturday, 25 January 2014

Dungeon Dashing Company!

It's time to delve into a few new dungeons that were introduced in Patch 2.1! Two low level dungeons made a reappearance as the first "Hard Mode" dungeons, along with one other entirely new and exciting challenge!

The peace that adventurers hailing from Ul'dah had restored to the Copperbell Mines literally came crashing down, as megaton giants and pesky prank-loving Spriggans began to roam free throughout it's cavernous maws once more.

Revenge always was a dish served with a giant hammer, wouldn't you agree?

There's more than meets the eye to the refurbished Haukke Manor, as new and intricate passageways pave a rather scenic route to many an Adventurer's grave. 

There's always time for a little bit of torture before death though, right?

Stating Pharos Sirius is simply an abandoned La Noscean lighthouse would be very, very wrong. Filled to the brim with corrupted crystals, formidable beasts and shattered dreams of many a fallen adventurer, your only navigation through this upwards maze of destruction is the song of the ever-beckoning Siren. 

Luckily, all songs eventually come to an end.

Thanks for reading!

All Grown Up

I beat those pesky Extreme Mode Primals again this week and all I have to show for it is this ugly old man!

It's quite hard to make out in this image, but you can just about see his orange eyes and big fat bark lips under his long, pointy nose. He's even animated! Which leads me to believe he's just a grown up version of my adorable Madman's Whispering Rod! How could something so cute turn so old? Only time knows!

I miss you already, little guy! 

I'm not sure where Omnirod stands for White Mage at the moment. On paper, it's stats seem to be balanced with Thyrus Zenith, swapping +26 Determination which affects all curing spells for +26 Critical Hit Rate which pushes me over the 400 cap, and is also great for soloing with Holy and Stone 2. It also gets rid of the useless +23 Spell Speed for a massive boost in MP (+231) via +28 Piety (almost a free Cure 2!), which is nothing to scoff at.

I'll give this new old geezer a spin and see if I notice any difference!

Gentleman of Light

Much like my previous entry regarding the new main scenario quests, I don't want to spoil the first section of the continuous Hildibrand questline for anyone! It really needs to be played to be enjoyed to its fullest, so have a photodump of Eorzea's most fantastic and invincible Gentleman of Light!

And now onto some of the even funnier stuff!

Such as a FATE against posing zombies!


And lastly, just beautiful item descriptions.

Thanks for looking, I can't wait for more Hildibrand!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Helping Hand

Strawberry obtained Rank 3 in both Little Solace and brotherhood of Ash daily beastmen quests!

The Little Solace rank up quest was quite terrifying! Despite being completely optional and quite repetitive, I am really looking forward to getting the maximum rank before the next patch just to find out what happens next!

My favourite quests have to be the Brotherhood's though. there's just something about such large, terrifying creatures calling you their sister that fills my belly with butterflies.

Plus, dat Miqote clothing tho.

Thanks for reading, one more rank up to go!

Tell Me A Story 2.1

Patch 2.1 brought a bunch of new main questline missions to the table! Here's the rundown!

With the old gang back together, and the addition of a new family member, the Scions decide to do a little housekeeping and, well, move house entirely!

Before the move from Ul'dah's Horizon to Mor Dhona takes place, there's a little issue in Gridania that Strawberry must take care of first...

The arrive of a very fluffy primal rouses panic throughout the Black Shroud! How on Eorzea did Moogles of all things get their tiny paws on a bunch of crystals, and why would they bring such a powerful primal into the realm?!

No time for questions! Little the battle begin! The 8-man battlefield begins with a single Moogle, before introducing a whole bunch of others, one for each classic Final Fantasy job. Defeat them or not, the outcome will always be the same...

The summoning of Good King Moogle Mog cannot be stopped! During the fight, all the defeated Moogles rise once again, the music charges up with vocals included, and the battlefield falls into utter chaos!

But all's well that ends well, and the Good King dissolves back into Aether, just like all primals before him.

With Gridania saved for now, there are still a lot of strange questions still to be answered. It seems no matter where the Scions settle, whether it be Horizon or Mor Dhona, they will never escape the grasp of these mysterious cloaked figures... What could they want?

I guess we'll find out in the next patch! Here is Strawberry's and the Scion's new base of operations. While there wasn't a large amount of quests to go though this time, any progression is better than no progression. Here's to the future!

Monday, 20 January 2014

See You in Hell!

It's time to revisit and reconquer the Primal threat that is constantly plaguing Eorzea as Strawberry takes on every Primal's EXTREME incarnation!

First up was Garuda, and despite being the first, she is by no means the easiest! Garuda will still summon Chirada and Suprana, those pesky feathers will still try to break down protective obstacles, and what's worse, for the most part, the entire arena is flooded with tornadoes! 

But after some practice and loads of patience, she finally fell, which lead Strawberry onto the next, rather surprising battle.

Titan, the hard-as-nails, er, rocks, fight for the Relic questline is now second in line?! That can't be right, and it shouldn't be. Titan is by far the hardest Extreme Primal to date, and all of his nasty overpowered abilities are back in full swing. They've also multiplied in order, from one stone gaol to two, and from one landslide to, uh, up to five!

Dodging Titan's powerful bursts of energy were more stressful than Strawberry's previous encounter with Ultima, but in the end it all came down to perfect positioning. After loads of practice, the mighty Titan finally broke! Which leads us onto...

The first encounter through the main questline became the final, supercharged extreme Primal; Ifrit! With a few new tricks up his sleeve, the fiery demon was back in full swing! Duplicates were multiplied from 3 to 4, each with a much larger hitbox. Instead of 5 nails before Ifrit wipes the floor with adventures, players must deal with 13 of them - and Limit Breaking is out of the question! Every time a nail is destroyed, it delivers a massive area-wide explosion and vulnerability debuff to all players. Destroying more than two at once is enough to fail the battle!

With all of these little DPS checks in place, plus extra stress on healers, Ifrit trumps Garuda in terms of difficulty, but is still much easier than Titan. So, what's next?

Killing all three Extreme Primals allows players to trade key items in for a brand new weapon, which are all ilvl90 and on par - sometimes even better - than their relic counterparts. Naturally, I grabbed a pair of Hellish Claws for Monk. Now I can both punch and stab things to death!

The quest is repeatable every week! So hopefully Strawberry's arsenal can keep getting bigger and bigger!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, 17 January 2014

Utimate Ballad

A new bard wandered into Mor Dhona one day, and told me he could retell the story of Strawberry's encounter with Ultima as heard from other people.

He somehow got the story wrong, and made me out to be way more heroic than I actually was, resulting in an incredibly fun and intense Hard Mode battle against the Ultima Weapon!

I won't dare spoil what happens during the fight - it really must be played to be enjoyed to its fullest, but check out the neat gear I grabbed from listening to that bard's ludicrous tale a few times!

The first picture shows the Ultima Band, and the second shows the Ultima Choker. Both of these are available per each class type, and yesterday I finally managed to get them for both WHM and MNK!

What an intense fight! I can't wait to see if we'll ever get to hear the tale of Ultima Extreme...

Crystalline Tower: Part 1

Behold the Crystal Tower! A new 24-man raid instance introduced in Patch 2.1 that will be constantly updated with new areas over time. Let's delve right into the first one!

Strawberry teams up with Cid, Biggs, Wedge and an unfamiliar face as they try to uncover the secrets behind this giant Allagan remnant.

As the door of fate opens...

Our heroes find the mighty tower is a lot further away than expected! It's up to Strawberry and 23 other brave adventurers to battle through the mysterious labyrinth and a clear a way for the gang!

This first section of the Crystal Tower is very straightforward. 24 people, split up into 8-man full parties. There are a total of four bosses and two sub bosses, along with some practice monsters at the beginning of the stage.

Familiar faces include King Behemoth, Atomos, and Archeon from Final Fantasy III!

The bosses aren't too difficult, and the feeling of fighting alongside another 23 other people is pretty breathtaking at first, but loses it's charm quickly when 20 of them are idiots that don't listen to instructions!

There are five new six-piece gear sets for each job type, and treasure is available to lot party-wide, with each boss dropping three treasure caskets, you can only open your own party's treasure!

The Fuma set for Monk, resembles Ninja gear, and even has shuriken and kunai strapped to the body! I have every piece apart from the feet so far, those elusive Fuma Kyahan from FFXI still have yet to drop! Some things never change.

There's also a gear lockout system, meaning players can only Need or Greed one item per week. Once I'm done with Fuma, I'll start working on White Mage's Royal set! Wish me luck!

Overall, Crystal Tower's first stage is a bag of mixed feelings. It's a great concept, but way too easy, and after collecting a bunch of items over the weeks, trying to hone in on those last one or two to complete your sets can take up to 20+ runs to even see the item you want drop, then you have to lot against people to get your mitts on it!

But it also gives tomes of Mythology and Philosophy, so at the very least, you will always come out with something! Thanks for reading!