Monday, 9 December 2013

'Till Sea Swallows All!

Having hit the Grand Company seal and rank cap with my beloved Immortal Flames, I decided to switch allegiance and help out another nation in need! 'Till sea swallows all!

Limsa Lominsa is such a beautiful place to explore. You can run in and out of docked ships, visit loads of port towns for cheap, adventure around the haunted Umbra Isles and visit the yet-to-be-implemented PvP area - The Wolves Den. But enough sightseeing, here's how I (once again) reached the maximum rank in a little under a week!

Firstly, after switching allegiance, you are allowed to start completing your Grand Company's Hunting Log as soon as possible. Completing the first page of this will gain you two full promotions with some left over seals to boot! Don't forget, the only dungeon you need to explore is Halatali.

In order to unlock the second page of the Hunting Log, I used a bunch of my crafts and completed the daily provisioning and supply missions. Handing in High Quality items at level 50 nets around 550+ seals per item, and after a day or two of doing that, I head reached the second tier of ranks.

The second page of the Hunting log, much like the first, is very easy to conquer at level 50. Most of the enemies range from levels 30-45, and the only dungeon you need to enter is the Sunken Temple of Qarn. Completing this page of the log promotes you one full rank, and opens up two more dungeon quests - Dzemael Darkhold and Aurum Vale - each rewarding over 1,300 seals per completion! PROMOTIONS! 

After some more daily supply and provisioning quests, the final promotion cost 9,000 seals and opened up the third and final page of the Hunting Log, which included one last trip (heh, as if!) to The Wanderer's Palace. This final page nets a staggering 14,410 seals in total, which is enough for the Lominsan Crested Chocobo Barding, and leaves you with over 6,000 seals to spare!

Lastly, as with all Grand Company Hunting Log completions, you can unlock a special Grand Company Mammet via the Achievement Unlocker NPC in Gridania!

I wouldn't be lying if I said this was the reason I switched nations! Just one more to go!

For now, I think I'll stick around in Limsa Lominsa for a while. Perhaps build up some more seals, grab another Chocobo minion, work on my Blacksmith and Armourer, or just enjoy the beautiful scenery!

Thanks for reading - see you next time!

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