Thursday, 12 December 2013

File That Under ...Whatever.

Blacksmith 50!

It's almost Christmas, so I might not be able to play for a while! In preparation for my return after patch 2.1, I levelled up the last two Disciple of the Hand jobs (why do I keep saying it like that?) to 50 via a fresh set of fully-charged levequests!

Having every other class at 50 already (including my saving grace Leatherworker), gathering the additional materials for each of the synths was a breeze. I had stacks of aldgoat and boar leather just waiting to be used up! I can now finally make cobalt rivets and darksteel nuggets, which seem to always find their way into every other class's synths.

But wait, there's more!

Armorer 50!

Technically Armourer, if you use the correct version of English like I do (sorry, Americans). This was the final - and actually the most painful - crafting class to level to 50. Despite sharing a lot of ingredients with Blacksmith, it requires much more quantities of ores and ingots to turn into sheets, rings, or rivets. Those things don't come cheap! 

Luckily, having Miner at 50 to gather things like cobalt and mythril saved a lot of money, and after attaining level 50 on both of these classes, I had actually turned a profit! For anyone who wants to take all crafts up to 50, I really recommend you do the boring part first and level both Botanist and Miner to 50, your wallet will seriously thank you later!

Out of the two classes, ARM's quest was much more interesting. Although, what felt like another "competition to see who is the best craftsman" - much like Leatherworker - it suddenly ended with a really epic twist! I won't spoil it for you!

See you next time, space cowboy! Pew pew!

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