Thursday, 28 November 2013

Thunder, Rain and Lightning

Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns hit stores in Japan soon, and to promote it, Square Enix held a month-long rolling quest campaign in the world of Eorzea!

Quests were released every two days and each one rewarded players with part of either Lightning's outfit for females, or Snow's outfit for males. Sadly it wasn't Lightning's actual clothes.


Each quest took players to a regularly spawned FATE event against a host of FFXIII enemies. It was too crowded to actually see what I was fighting half the time, and waiting around for FATEs to spawn wasn't exactly enthralling...

But the rewards were worth it!

Each piece is equipable at level 13 with stats slightly lower than Foestriker's/Acolyte's at 15. There were also weapons - one for each class. Above is Monk and Arcanist's!

After all was said and done, Lightning returned to her world!

Maybe we'll meet again some day. Y'know, once PS4 sales kick off and PS3s drop in price like mad.

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