Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Scraping the Skin

Leatherworker 50!

One down, two to go! I levelled Leatherworker in order to make and meld my own equipment for my other crafting and gathering jobs. With Goldsmith, Weaver and Leatherworking at 50, repairing Monk and White Mage gear is also a no-brainer and incredibly convenient!

A lot of the recipes were great fun and very easy to gather stuff for. Especially Peiste skins - nobody camps those! I could also make the missing pieces of my Goldsmith and Weaver equipment, and things like Raptorskin belts and rings which can be used on all three Gathering classes!

If a moving quest line and fantastic looking class specific gear wasn't enough, the ability Waste Not II might also come in handy, allowing me to spend 98 CP for half the durability cost over 8 steps instead of 112 CP via Waste Not I. I can't see it being useful during synths with low durability though!

Leatherworker's legendary tool name is a little bit odd though...

Almost there. One more craft to go!

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