Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Rockin' the 'strum

This entry contains slight spoilers from the final main scenario quest!

...but don't worry, I have decided to skip all the juicy parts of this final mission, including any story spoilers or character/boss screenshots. I honestly believe all players should experience it for the first time in-game for themselves with their friends!

The final two dungeons, Castrum Meridianum and Praetorium pit Eorzea's finest 8 party members against the final stand of the Garlean Empire.

Castrum Meridianum has some nice boss mechanics, which include having the group work together to deploy shield-breaking missiles and bosses which deal gigantic amounts of damage depending on your line of sight position.

The Praetorium takes everything the player has learned from previous dungeon bosses, and throws them right back at 'em to see if they remember! Remember that one time you died because of a certain ability? No? Well you'll remember that feeling soon enough! 

Despite raiding The Praetorium with 8 other players, it really feels like a single player Final Fantasy game - especially if you watch the cutscenes inbetween. If you are using Duty Finder and people rush ahead of you, telling you to hurry up, just let 'em waste their breath.

The most important part about this quest - and all main scenario quests, in fact - isn't how quickly you can complete it, but appreciate how much of a fantastic job Square Enix did at orchestrating the feel of a real, final dungeon!

The Praetorium is not exactly a trash-heavy dungeon, more a long series of bosses that increase in difficulty before ending with one of the most epic and satisfying cutscenes of all!

After all is done and dusted, Strawberry was greeted with applause upon her arrival at the Waking Sands!

While the enjoyment of hitting level 50 and completing all of the main scenario quests may be over, it feels like the game has just begun, and even more difficult challenges await! Hard Mode Primals, Darklight Gear, The Demon Wall, The Binding Coil of Bahamut... What exactly are these, and how will Strawberry defeat them?!

I hope you'll enjoy reading all about them here! Stay tuned!

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