Thursday, 28 November 2013

Pay Day!

All that hard work levelling up multiple crafts, running through Wanderer's Palace while spiritbonding crafting equipment (shhh, don't tell anyone!) and painlessly overmelding every piece of Goldsmith and Weaver equipment...

I made my very own Vanya Robe!

I also made a hat to match it, and I am currently melding my Leatherworker's set to make rings and a body piece for Monk. Sure it takes much, much longer to get all the parts compared to Darklight, but when you meld the HQ versions, these crafted ilvl70 sets are pretty fantastic! 

If you would like anything crafted on Tonberry, let me know! I only charge for the price of clusters and crystals, but if you hand everything over I'll do it all for free. I'm nice like that. Materia melding also costs 500 gil per attempt!


  1. Wish I was on your server, I'd snag the mats and bug you to make the Vanya hat for my SCH! So expensive on Hyperion. x.x

    Love reading your updates, keep up the good work and good luck! Maybe someday I'll have 5 extra minutes to update my blog. XD

    1. Thanks Etain~! :3 I'd make the heck out of it!

      Mats are down to 9k a pop here, but I buy all of mine with points. I'll regret it when I decide to gear up a third job and not have enough for more Darklight!