Tuesday, 5 November 2013

MORE minions!

I found a quest that gives you a Cactuar Minion in Southern Thanalan!

It's a level 47 one near the bottom right of the map in the middle of the desert. I didn't realize this until I needed some more Mythril Ore from the nearby mining points. Wow, I haven't returned here since level 40!

It's a worldwide fetch quest. So expect a lot of walking!

But more importantly, after completing The Aurum Vale, Strawberry unlocked the final Grand Company Rank currently available, and after twatting about some more beastmen, could finally do this:

Yes! My love for Mammets knows no bounds!

Ul'dah represent! Mammets, assemble! My next goal is to gather all three Grand Company minions, wish me luck!

Lastly, Strawberry's Monk has changed a fair bit between both those screenshots, don't you think...?

More on that later! Stay tuned!

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