Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Jesse, it's time to cook.

Thanks to a truckload of leftover leves and my freshly levelled Botanist, Strawberry flew through the last 30 levels of Culinarian. I mostly made Acorn cookies, Apple Juice, and lots of tarts. What an incredibly fun and relaxing job!

As if making earrings on my Goldsmith for Nanamo wasn't enough, I had to prepare a full banquet for her highness on my Culinarian!

I was surprised she knew my name and said it was nice to see me! Perhaps because I am from Ul'Dah? I wonder if the dialogue changes depending on your city state or interaction levels with her via the main scenario questline?

My culinary skills filled her belly up so much she almost fell asleep half way through the meal!

But alas, getting Culinarian to 50 wasn't just so I could make my own food, it was also for Steady Hand II at 37, and Reclaim at 50. Every one of these extra crafts I take to 50 are for the sake of my Goldsmith! As one door closes, a new one opens - what should I level next?

Speaking of food, check out this (almost) Japanese food party that was formed randomly through Duty Finder!

Delicious...except for the hornets.

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