Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Full Metal

Alchemist 50!

Stand back, I'm doing SCIENCE!

In order to save on forbidden melding my class specific clothing, and without having to rely on food to hit the fairly high CP requirements for some of the high level synths, I took Alchemist to 50 for it's ability Comfort Zone, which allows you to gain 80 CP over 10 steps at the cost of a 66 CP initial investment. Which means 14 free CP over time! that's 3 CP less than a bowl of Stone Soup!

This was the easiest job to level up to 50, and I ended up using all of my remaining Levequests doing so. Hi-Potions until 30, Paralyzing Potions until 40, and Lanolin until 50. Stress-free, cheap, and I even made a bit of a profit in the end!

Some of the more elitist and prideful Alchemists may argue that I am missing the point of alchemy by taking this route. But they obviously didn't pay attention to the storyline. Alchemy's possibilities are endless! There is plenty of time to go back and fill in every log entry later!

For now, I am just going to relax knowing that my Goldsmith, along with all my other crafts, finally have all the necessary abilities to get started on making those juicy Item Level 70 ★★ recipes.

Onwards! Time to meld some materia!

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