Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A Relic Reborn: Thyrus

One relic just wasn't enough for our challenge-seeking, pink-haired Lalafell!

This time Strawberry takes the white and learns more about the A-Towa-Cant's great secrets...

First we needed to find the ancient, broken relic in a coffer! This one will do.

Then it was time to smack around Chimera some more. Take that!

After parting ways with my beloved Madman's Whispering Wand, it was time to face this guy again!

N-no problem, r...right? After breaking through this demonic wall and taking out Hydra, Ifrit, Garuda and the notorious megalith Titan once again...

...Strawberry finally got her paws on Thyrus!

Titan and Garuda were much harder this time around. The pressure White Mages encounter really hit me, but after a few tries with the same group, I managed to keep everyone alive without a single death right until the very end. I wouldn't have been able to do it alone, though!

It was all thanks to this little Lalafell right here! Despite us meeting in the middle of a cook-off, we made a Hydra party and within one night cleared all the primals too! Now that's what I call teamwork! She was also the second White Mage that had my back the entire time. I really wish I can heal with her again soon!

I love playing White Mage! So much so I might end up upgrading Thyrus to +1 instead of getting my Melee Cyclas in a couple of weeks. Here's to the future!

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