Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A Relic Reborn: Sphairai II

Continuing her quest to obtain the legendary Sphairai, Strawberry hunts down the three Primals once again. Look at that, it's even got HARD in the title! You just know shit is gonna go down!

Ifrit was actually fairly easy. Being the first Hard Mode Primal that's to be expected, but it was full of fun mechanics and also my first glimpse of a tier 3 Limit Break. Final Heaven and Meteor look incredible!

One down, two to go!

Strawberry even snatched a trophy from our fiery friend, too!

Next up, unlike the main scenario questline, wasn't Titan, but Garuda!

Off into the eye of the storm one more time, Strawberry! Here's hoping Ifrit's Claws serve their purpose!

As the wind swept beneath her feet, there was no holding back this time! Garuda would often summon two lesser versions of herself to replenish her health and increase her damage. After defeating these stalling mechanics, even more natural disasters headed Strawberry's way in the shape of Satin Plumes and giant, swirling tempests. The plumes explode after a certain amount of time if untouched for long enough, and the tornadoes follow players around the area, knocking them around if they even think of setting foot inside one of them.

A very dramatic and epic fight! Just one more to go...

It's time to take on the rock daddy himself: Titan! Either Strawberry is absolutely terrified, or incredibly excited!

For some, this is a sight for sore eyes. Titan is by far the hardest Primal currently in the game, and comes packed with a complex but repeatable combo of abilities that never fail to either destroy players that cannot avoid them, or punish players for blinking at the wrong time. We've all heard the horror stories, here's Strawberry's:

In her first Duty Finder party, Titan's HP went from this...

...to this!

1/1 via a random pickup group, all in the space of 15 minutes. It was the most exciting and epic battle of my Monk's career and I loved every second of it. Either I got incredibly lucky, or...

...Nah, I just got incredibly lucky. End of story. I dodged every attack and never fell off the edge once. Even one of our Paladins was dead the entire fight!

Perhaps this ore is payback for all those Brayflox and Copperbell runs I did for gear that would never drop?! Quick, to Gerolt!

I never thought I would get to post this kind of image so soon! Strawberry's first relic - and what an adventure it was! Blood, sweat, and luck, all fused together to make this awesome weapon. A big thanks to all the random pick up groups involved!

Master Hamon would be so proud! Here's to Strawberry's first step into Endgame! Chomp chomp!

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