Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A Relic Reborn: Sphairai I

Having saved Eorzea from both the Garlean and Primal threats, Strawberry's sense of adventure had hit an all-time high. What was left to do but get even stronger? In order to do that, she needed a weapon. A stronger weapon. A relic weapon.

Like the mighty Coeurlfist himself, Strawberry sought out the legendary relic weaponsmith Gerolt, and began a gruesome new chapter in her Eorzean life!

First, Gerolt needed an old pair of time-worn Sphairai from the Amal'jaa stronghold. Looking at the size of this coffer, it seems like they had a surplus of 'em.

But as expected, the weapon was not in any useable state...

So after some fiddling about with a new host weapon, Gerolt needed some salts to fix up the damaged original. That meant felling the mighty Chimera in Coerthas. Compared to its Cutter's Cry counterpart, this guy put up a good fight. All the players that took it on were new to the instance, and after a few attempts, we nailed a great tactic and managed to stun all of his nasty skills.

Surely the next challenge wouldn't be that hard!

Well, it was.

Strawberry needed to clear Amdapor Keep, the most difficult 4-man dungeon in the game to date.

Ampador Keep is littered with "checks" that determine if your melee classes are dishing out enough damage.

From the get-go you are faced with regular enemies that summon demons if you can't knock them down fast enough, or pitted against a titanic, stone slab that throws you into a gorge for putting one step out of line, as it slow inches towards you and the giant, steel door behind you.

So, Strawberry had to grind out a few weeks of Wanderer's Palace and build up enough Tomes of Philosophy - new type of currency - which allowed her to grab some pieces of Darklight gear. A stepping stone set of equipment at Item Level 70 that bridges the gap between new players hitting level 50, and taking their first steps into the world of Endgame.

After finally downing Amdapor Keep with her new Darklight set, Gerolt handed Strawberry a pair of unfinished Sphairai! Look at those bad boys...uh...do nothing, really.

That's because Strawberry needed to tap into the ancient Sphairai's hidden power by putting the unfinished weapon to its limit. This meant knocking about a few Amal'jaa, and taking on Halatali's latest threat: Hydra!

Like Chimera, Hydra required 8 other players to whack it around, with the addition of extra wyverns thrown in for good measure. It's signature move "Fear Itself" turns affected players hysterical as they franticly run around the area with their arms flailing. How terrifying!

After Gerolt's warmup was over, it was time to add the finishing touches to Couerlfist's legendary weapon by obtaining three extremely rare materials from each corner of Eorzea.

It turns out the beastmen also have Aetherites, and use them to summon the deadly Primals back into the world time and time again. Luckily, these Primals hold the exact items needed to breathe life into Sphairai! How...convenient? I just knew I hadn't seen the last of those three, ugly, celestial beings!

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