Thursday, 28 November 2013


Strawberry is starting on a new and exciting adventure! Her biggest challenge yet!

Esquire are recruiting members for the Binding Coil of Bahamut!

If you play in JST or GMT and are on Tonberry, give me (Strawberry Daifuku) or Llyria Fairsborough a tell ingame, PM us on the Lodestone (link it to the right!) or leave a comment on this blog!

We are looking to increase our member count by around ~15 awesome people, with a target of two active coil groups (one per time zone).

So, if you are properly geared, funny, energetic, and want to make new friends, get applying!

Pay Day!

All that hard work levelling up multiple crafts, running through Wanderer's Palace while spiritbonding crafting equipment (shhh, don't tell anyone!) and painlessly overmelding every piece of Goldsmith and Weaver equipment...

I made my very own Vanya Robe!

I also made a hat to match it, and I am currently melding my Leatherworker's set to make rings and a body piece for Monk. Sure it takes much, much longer to get all the parts compared to Darklight, but when you meld the HQ versions, these crafted ilvl70 sets are pretty fantastic! 

If you would like anything crafted on Tonberry, let me know! I only charge for the price of clusters and crystals, but if you hand everything over I'll do it all for free. I'm nice like that. Materia melding also costs 500 gil per attempt!

Thunder, Rain and Lightning

Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns hit stores in Japan soon, and to promote it, Square Enix held a month-long rolling quest campaign in the world of Eorzea!

Quests were released every two days and each one rewarded players with part of either Lightning's outfit for females, or Snow's outfit for males. Sadly it wasn't Lightning's actual clothes.


Each quest took players to a regularly spawned FATE event against a host of FFXIII enemies. It was too crowded to actually see what I was fighting half the time, and waiting around for FATEs to spawn wasn't exactly enthralling...

But the rewards were worth it!

Each piece is equipable at level 13 with stats slightly lower than Foestriker's/Acolyte's at 15. There were also weapons - one for each class. Above is Monk and Arcanist's!

After all was said and done, Lightning returned to her world!

Maybe we'll meet again some day. Y'know, once PS4 sales kick off and PS3s drop in price like mad.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Full Metal

Alchemist 50!

Stand back, I'm doing SCIENCE!

In order to save on forbidden melding my class specific clothing, and without having to rely on food to hit the fairly high CP requirements for some of the high level synths, I took Alchemist to 50 for it's ability Comfort Zone, which allows you to gain 80 CP over 10 steps at the cost of a 66 CP initial investment. Which means 14 free CP over time! that's 3 CP less than a bowl of Stone Soup!

This was the easiest job to level up to 50, and I ended up using all of my remaining Levequests doing so. Hi-Potions until 30, Paralyzing Potions until 40, and Lanolin until 50. Stress-free, cheap, and I even made a bit of a profit in the end!

Some of the more elitist and prideful Alchemists may argue that I am missing the point of alchemy by taking this route. But they obviously didn't pay attention to the storyline. Alchemy's possibilities are endless! There is plenty of time to go back and fill in every log entry later!

For now, I am just going to relax knowing that my Goldsmith, along with all my other crafts, finally have all the necessary abilities to get started on making those juicy Item Level 70 ★★ recipes.

Onwards! Time to meld some materia!

Scraping the Skin

Leatherworker 50!

One down, two to go! I levelled Leatherworker in order to make and meld my own equipment for my other crafting and gathering jobs. With Goldsmith, Weaver and Leatherworking at 50, repairing Monk and White Mage gear is also a no-brainer and incredibly convenient!

A lot of the recipes were great fun and very easy to gather stuff for. Especially Peiste skins - nobody camps those! I could also make the missing pieces of my Goldsmith and Weaver equipment, and things like Raptorskin belts and rings which can be used on all three Gathering classes!

If a moving quest line and fantastic looking class specific gear wasn't enough, the ability Waste Not II might also come in handy, allowing me to spend 98 CP for half the durability cost over 8 steps instead of 112 CP via Waste Not I. I can't see it being useful during synths with low durability though!

Leatherworker's legendary tool name is a little bit odd though...

Almost there. One more craft to go!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Needle in a Haystack

Weaver 50!

A 90% progression ability that works 100% of the time at level 15. Sounds brilliant! What ever could be better than Careful Synthesis? How about one that increases progress by 120%, 100% of the time?! Great! The only problem is you need Weaver at level 50 to unlock it. 

Challenge accepted.

Weaver was notoriously difficult. It took weeks of patiently farming shards and things like flax, while trying to avoid overcamped bottleneck items like fleece. I ended up taking the Linen route to 50 via Levequests, just to avoid the pain of dealing with botters.

The quest line was adorable. Easily my second favourite underneath Goldsmith. I won't spoil the story but if you are prepared to challenge levelling Weaver too I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

The Holy Trifecta

Goldsmithing, Cooking, and Carpentry. Strawberry was very well versed in making delectable items for the citizens of Eorzea to enjoy. But that wasn't enough.

Striving to become the best crafter she could be, it was time to take up the needle, tear through some skin, and master the limitless world of alchemy. That's right, Strawberry has added even more abilities to her deadly crafting arsenal!


Our Free Company Esquire finally became completely allied with Ul'dah! Great job, guys!

We are always looking to expand - so if you are a friendly JP, EU or AUS player on Tonberry and play during GMT/JST, give us a poke and we'll take you on board!


...SPARTAAAAA! 300 Dungeons complete!

A Relic Reborn: Thyrus

One relic just wasn't enough for our challenge-seeking, pink-haired Lalafell!

This time Strawberry takes the white and learns more about the A-Towa-Cant's great secrets...

First we needed to find the ancient, broken relic in a coffer! This one will do.

Then it was time to smack around Chimera some more. Take that!

After parting ways with my beloved Madman's Whispering Wand, it was time to face this guy again!

N-no problem, r...right? After breaking through this demonic wall and taking out Hydra, Ifrit, Garuda and the notorious megalith Titan once again...

...Strawberry finally got her paws on Thyrus!

Titan and Garuda were much harder this time around. The pressure White Mages encounter really hit me, but after a few tries with the same group, I managed to keep everyone alive without a single death right until the very end. I wouldn't have been able to do it alone, though!

It was all thanks to this little Lalafell right here! Despite us meeting in the middle of a cook-off, we made a Hydra party and within one night cleared all the primals too! Now that's what I call teamwork! She was also the second White Mage that had my back the entire time. I really wish I can heal with her again soon!

I love playing White Mage! So much so I might end up upgrading Thyrus to +1 instead of getting my Melee Cyclas in a couple of weeks. Here's to the future!

( I don't understand. )

Eigo Wakaran 「英語分からん」in Japanese means "I don't understand English"!

What a hilarious guy!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Jesse, it's time to cook.

Thanks to a truckload of leftover leves and my freshly levelled Botanist, Strawberry flew through the last 30 levels of Culinarian. I mostly made Acorn cookies, Apple Juice, and lots of tarts. What an incredibly fun and relaxing job!

As if making earrings on my Goldsmith for Nanamo wasn't enough, I had to prepare a full banquet for her highness on my Culinarian!

I was surprised she knew my name and said it was nice to see me! Perhaps because I am from Ul'Dah? I wonder if the dialogue changes depending on your city state or interaction levels with her via the main scenario questline?

My culinary skills filled her belly up so much she almost fell asleep half way through the meal!

But alas, getting Culinarian to 50 wasn't just so I could make my own food, it was also for Steady Hand II at 37, and Reclaim at 50. Every one of these extra crafts I take to 50 are for the sake of my Goldsmith! As one door closes, a new one opens - what should I level next?

Speaking of food, check out this (almost) Japanese food party that was formed randomly through Duty Finder!

Delicious...except for the hornets.

Nailed It!

Strawberry's first fully forbidden melded items, a pair of Aetheryte rings!

I'm going to try maxing out all of my jewellery first as it can be used on any crafting job, then work on putting the rest into my Goldsmith's AF set, wish me luck!

A Relic Reborn: Sphairai III

One weekly Tome of Mythology reset later, I used up every single one of them I had collected since hitting Dzemael Darkhold back at level 42...

One last trip to Gerolt's furnace later, I finally got my first Relic+1!

Now to just patiently wait another three weeks before getting my Melee Cyclas! Onwards to glory!