Thursday, 24 October 2013

Touch My Wood

Jkun's fiendish hobby of touching wood has passed its way onto Strawberry, and after a couple of intense weeks (and many splinters later), she finally achieved level 50!

The final quest ended with Strawberry saving the day by making a brand new bow for the Gridanian forces. It had to be melded with a Savage Aim Materia III too. Right now they sell for 40,000 gil, but luckily I had one - and only one - on me! Phew!

As a reward for all her efforts, Strawberry got this GIGANTIC saw - Ullikummi - and most of all, one of the best level 50 cross-class crafting abilities, Byregot's Blessing!

This ability gives a 90% chance of dissing out a 100% Touch action, and a further 20% for every time Inner Quiet was enhanced. Now, Inner Quiet has two effects; Rumination for CP restoration, or, coupled with Steady Hand, Innovation, and Great Strikes, a giant chunk of quality in just one shot.

I can't wait to try it out on my Goldsmith!

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