Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Seeking the Truth

In order to be the best White Mage I can be, I set about getting my final cross-class skill Eye for an Eye from Arcanist's arsenal.

Along the way to 34 I unlocked Scholar and Summoner, both of which stem from Arcanist itself and level up at the same time!

Scholar is a Healer type Job that focuses on keeping damage over time spells up and is assisted by a faerie which can be set to support the party (enhancing skill/spell speeds) or focus on curing. The AI is pretty great, allowing Scholar to focus on weakening enemies while also keeping the party's HP topped up.

Summoner, the DPS side of Arcanist, also specializes in damage over time spells, while having (at level 40) three types of summons to aid it in laying the smack down. Rie already levelled Summoner to 50 and I got to play around with her character a bit over the weekend. I wonder how far Strawberry can go...?

I mentioned way back at the start of this blog my interest in Scholar. It's pretty fun to play, and is a lot more technical than White Mage. I can't wait to try it out at 50 with a full healing arsenal.

Also, just like every other SCH player out there - I love the faeries! They are full of character and really adorable. From the summoning sound effect to the extra cures when I have my hands full, they are a great little mechanic that made me fall in love with pet jobs all over again.

Pictured above is the Immortal Flames level 30 book. What a beautiful design! Shame it'll be covered in blood after I twat around enough enemies.

aaaand, level 34! Eye for an Eye unlocked, and White Mage's cross-class set is complete!

Now, onwards to level 50!?

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