Monday, 14 October 2013

I got the Magic(tek)

The giant, noisy, clunky Magitek mount really pissed me off at first. Seeing a bunch of them idling around low level areas just screams; "Oh, look at me, I completed the main story a week after release! I'm so cool! I love Final Fantasy 6 way more than you! Nice Chocobo, noob, where's your relic? Oh that's right, you don't have one! Here, you can have one of mine if you want!"

I told myself that when I complete the story I would never use it. It's just a meaningless mount, it's not like it has a soul or anything, right?


Oh boy, how wrong was I? Slowly but surely, I am beginning to feel what all those other Magitek Mount(ers?) are feeling. This thing is not just a mount, it's family.

Slight spoilers below!

After beating Garuda and rescuing Biggs and Wedge, Strawberry learns that the rest of the Scions are being held captive by the Empire. It seems the only way to get in and out of there in one piece is - as Cid put it - to "simply walk in the front door!", using disguises and a piece of Magitek Armour.

After donning the Imperial uniform and learning their official salute, Strawberry got to work leading the enemies closer to where we launched our attack!

After leaving the battlefield with a few cuts and bruises, both Strawberry and the armour had been damaged - but was still repairable!

Even though Biggs and Wedge tried their hardest, something was missing. The giant, overfed, robotic Chocobo just wouldn't "wake up"! Strawberry was sent to the good ol' Goldsmithing guild and picked up the core of Mammet, which, if you recall from this entry, is technically a living being!

After some initial calibration tests and a scuffle with the armour's original owners, something incredible happened!

The Magitek Armour miraculously woke up! Cogs spinning, exhausts fuming, buttons bleeping - it was alive, and fitted right in as part of our little Metalworks family!

Now to use it to take down the Empire! Let's do our best, Magitek!

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  1. I was all meh about the Magitek mount too, until I finished the story. Maggie has a personality all it's own!