Monday, 7 October 2013

Dungeon Dredging Company!

When it comes to knocking sense into you while beating you senseless, nothing is less forgiving than a good ol' dungeon crawl. Let's explore some more!

Lost to the time and buried under mountains of sand, this rocky temple is polluted with insects and archaic stones monuments of champions past.

...And yet, adventurers still seek to find out the truth behind these animated gravel monstrosities.

A desolate oasis disguises the shrieking cries of fallen adventurers who succumbed to the twisting and turning caverns beneath Eorzea's surface.

...Yet one has to wonder, what exactly marked their grave and sealed their fate? Was it one enemy, or three?

Unrighteously seized by ancient dragons, this once grand Elezen capital is littered with remnants of ages past, and many an adventurer's final resting place.

With the only means of escape in sight, getting out of The Stone Vigil will prove a hundred times harder than getting in ever was.

Hidden deep inside the caverns of the Coerthas Highlands, this darkhold puts an adventurer's courage, teamwork - and most of all - quick reactions to the test.

Yet, as the corrupted crystals give life to new and unseen species of demons, this test became less of a simulation, and more of a battle between life and death...

...But nothing is going to stop Strawberry and Esquire from busting through them and time again!

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