Monday, 14 October 2013

Criss Cross

After hitting 45 on Monk, I decided to take a break and level up other classes for cross-class abilities.

First up was Lancer and Dragoon for it's incredible Invigorate and Blood for Blood abilities. When using area of effect abilities on Monk, the TP cost is sometimes incredibly high - nothing a small injection of 400 TP from Invigorate won't fix! Blood for Blood is another damage-boosting ability that stacks with Internal Release, and great for upping that DPS on Limit Breaks or when you need something dead right away.

Next up, Marauder and Warrior! Fracture can be used in Monk's damage over time rotation alongside Touch of Death and Demolish for a whopping 3 different types of DoT, constantly ticking down as Monk continues to punch enemies and overwhelm them (get it?) with weaponskills.

Marauder's Mercy Stroke is also a fantastic addition, giving Monk a huge burst damage ability when the enemy is at low HP. This can also be added in to the rotation, but has to be used with caution as the recast is quite long. Landing the killing blow with Mercy Stroke also replenishes HP - very handy for soloing indeed!

With White Mage grabbing Swiftcast from Thaumaturge earlier, I'm all set for the essential cross-class abilities. Now, onwards to level 50!

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