Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Attack on Titan I

You have no idea how long I have waited to use that title. This weekend, Esquire attempted to fell the lord of crags, Titan! Attempted being an understatement, we put this bad boy on a leash, albeit only for a while...

The main scenario quest fight is fairly straight forward. As WHM, I focused on making sure everyone was topped up after any AOEs, had the DPS run towards me after avoiding mudslides, and helped break any fetters that appeared - even if most of them were on myself.

Feel the curse of the manthong.

A little tip I picked up was to cast a class-crossed Virus onto him before he got off any big punches. Watching his attack bar was vital, as well as watching your footing. I'm sure these and many more tactics are vital against the Hard Mode version, which I can't wait to attempt!

Another primal down! Thanks, friendly little Japanese tank, we owe you!

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