Monday, 14 October 2013

Attack on Garuda I

Spoilers below!

After dusting the snow off the Enterprise, and after dicking about with Spriggan poop-covered crystals, we set off to take out Garuda!

As usual, the trip was full of flashbacks and mindfucks - plus a lovely little segment on Cid's past.

These movies reminded me a lot of FFXI's cutscenes, where your character would suddenly be floating around an abyss with remnants of the past flashing by.

Little Strawberry has gotten so strong since she last appeared in the, uh, abyss!

But enough daydreaming! Snap out of it, Strawberry, we've got a primal's ass to kick!

Out of all the Primals so far, Garuda seems to be the most threatening. Her Japanese voice actor is Tanaka Rie (Suigintou [Rozen Maiden], Mitsuru [Persona 3]), a very talented actress who really brought Garuda to life.

Compared to the other Primals, who just wanted unquestioned worship, Garuda actually wants to control the entire Realm. How formidable!

But that's nothing a little dose of Esquire couldn't take care of! Myself, Rie, Llyria, and introducing Darienne put all of our skills to the test and after a solid hour of trying out new methods, we managed to pluck Garuda's feathers and finally put her down.

We won with an unfortunate party of incredibly squishy mages, one of which being a Summoner that is brand new to MMOs. The odds were against us when it came to taking down plumes as they appeared, and because our armour wasn't tough as nails, everyone took a lot more damage than I anticipated from Garuda's massive AOE attacks.

Being our first time with zero knowledge on the mechanics, it was a fairly stressful fight, but at the same time, incredibly refreshing knowing that the game's challenge is increasing, and the mundane easy-peasy feel is beginning to wear off. With the final Chaos Emera- er, crystal, the circle is complete!

Strawberry really has come a long way!

But, all's well that doesn't end well... I am incredibly scared of what is in store in the future.

Incredibly scared.

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