Sunday, 20 October 2013


All Saint's Wake creeped up on Eorzea overnight, and Strawberry made sure to take part in the festivities!

Unlike the fairly dull summer seasonal event, this one was a bunch of little point and click quests bundled together that explained the traditional Eorzean festival. The rewards were two different ghost costumes and a bunch of purchasable pumpkin heads!

Each town's decorations were slightly different. Gridania's were green, Ul'dah's were blue and Limsa's were red. The development team really outdid themselves with the amount of unique props scattered around town!

Rie got surrounded my little Lalafell ghosts! Which one is Strawberry?!

Sweet dreams, children...

Since Halloween is the time for dressing up, here's some more costumes Strawberry got her little mitts on, like these Bomb Earrings courtesy of the Tokyo Game Show.

And the very spiky pair of Cactuar ones, too.

I grinded Dzemael Darkhold long enough to get the full set of Bucaneer gear for my Pugilist, yarr harr harr!

As well as the full Harlequin set for my Conjurer! Boo!

Lastly, if this isn't the most convincing Imperial set up then I don't know what is.

Happy All Saint's Wake and Happy Halloween! Thanks for reading!

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