Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Seeking the Truth

In order to be the best White Mage I can be, I set about getting my final cross-class skill Eye for an Eye from Arcanist's arsenal.

Along the way to 34 I unlocked Scholar and Summoner, both of which stem from Arcanist itself and level up at the same time!

Scholar is a Healer type Job that focuses on keeping damage over time spells up and is assisted by a faerie which can be set to support the party (enhancing skill/spell speeds) or focus on curing. The AI is pretty great, allowing Scholar to focus on weakening enemies while also keeping the party's HP topped up.

Summoner, the DPS side of Arcanist, also specializes in damage over time spells, while having (at level 40) three types of summons to aid it in laying the smack down. Rie already levelled Summoner to 50 and I got to play around with her character a bit over the weekend. I wonder how far Strawberry can go...?

I mentioned way back at the start of this blog my interest in Scholar. It's pretty fun to play, and is a lot more technical than White Mage. I can't wait to try it out at 50 with a full healing arsenal.

Also, just like every other SCH player out there - I love the faeries! They are full of character and really adorable. From the summoning sound effect to the extra cures when I have my hands full, they are a great little mechanic that made me fall in love with pet jobs all over again.

Pictured above is the Immortal Flames level 30 book. What a beautiful design! Shame it'll be covered in blood after I twat around enough enemies.

aaaand, level 34! Eye for an Eye unlocked, and White Mage's cross-class set is complete!

Now, onwards to level 50!?

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Atop the Tallest Trees

Botanist 50!

In order to level Carpenter for Byregot's Blessing, I needed something to smack down trees with. Botany was the answer! At last, both monotonous (though slightly fun) DoL jobs are done - for now!

This means I can grabs clusters twice as often in Mor Dhona, simply by switching jobs, and allows me to get rare materials such as HQ Spruce Logs for making my own offhand items such as a Militia Grinding Wheel for Goldsmithing!

I also get to look like Peter Pan every time I go out hacking those trees, too.

Touch My Wood

Jkun's fiendish hobby of touching wood has passed its way onto Strawberry, and after a couple of intense weeks (and many splinters later), she finally achieved level 50!

The final quest ended with Strawberry saving the day by making a brand new bow for the Gridanian forces. It had to be melded with a Savage Aim Materia III too. Right now they sell for 40,000 gil, but luckily I had one - and only one - on me! Phew!

As a reward for all her efforts, Strawberry got this GIGANTIC saw - Ullikummi - and most of all, one of the best level 50 cross-class crafting abilities, Byregot's Blessing!

This ability gives a 90% chance of dissing out a 100% Touch action, and a further 20% for every time Inner Quiet was enhanced. Now, Inner Quiet has two effects; Rumination for CP restoration, or, coupled with Steady Hand, Innovation, and Great Strikes, a giant chunk of quality in just one shot.

I can't wait to try it out on my Goldsmith!

Dungeon Sprinting Company!

As endgame begins, Light Party dungeons eventually come to an end. Here are two of the final dungeons Strawberry encountered on the road to level 50!

Poison gasses spew out of every nook and cranny beneath Eorzea's surface as adventurers battle their way through these fungus-filled caverns, with nothing to show for it but festered scars and infected wounds...

Up until now the day had gone quite pleasantly...

Standing tall over Bronze Lake is the open-air palace of a long, forgotten kingdom. The stalking Tonberries that now inhabit this religious place are by no means friendly, but their knives certainly are.

Wandering too far into this palace, however, might upset the wrath of a certain king...

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Logging the Days Away...

Botanist 46!

When on earth did that happen?! I must admit, I am a sucker for DoL jobs, and with the new experience point boost from patch 2.05, I thought having Botany up at 50 would be a good idea.

My hands are just really, really sore. Did I not learn my lesson from Mining?!

Limit Breaker: White Mage

White Mage 50!

Strawberry's second job to 50, following closely behind Monk. Originally, I levelled White Mage in the beta to try out a healing role for the first time and ended up loving it. Now it's right up there with Monk where it belongs!

Without further ado, Strawberry takes part in an ancient ritual, banishing the evil forces of nature from the Black Shroud...

Once peace is restored, Strawberry finally dons her blessed garb...!

A new White Mage is born!

...and my favourite Dryad Staff which took care of me and many others from level 41 got a little upgrade, too! Here's to the future!

Limit Breaker: Monk

Monk 50!

The End indeed! Or is it just beginning? My first War job to hit 50, naturally, is Monk! Now Strawberry is one step closer to living her dream... she's just missing one more little thing.

...and she was going to take it for herself, along with a bunch of Chakra, too!

But, as it turns out, all this "Chakra" she was in search of was really just the bumblings of a man who wanted to reclaim his homeland. Aether is the only thing that flows throughout Eorzea, and Strawberry's Aether just got a little brighter!

"Easy" is an understatement.

A new Monk is born!

Here's to the future! Way to go, Strawberry!

Sunday, 20 October 2013


All Saint's Wake creeped up on Eorzea overnight, and Strawberry made sure to take part in the festivities!

Unlike the fairly dull summer seasonal event, this one was a bunch of little point and click quests bundled together that explained the traditional Eorzean festival. The rewards were two different ghost costumes and a bunch of purchasable pumpkin heads!

Each town's decorations were slightly different. Gridania's were green, Ul'dah's were blue and Limsa's were red. The development team really outdid themselves with the amount of unique props scattered around town!

Rie got surrounded my little Lalafell ghosts! Which one is Strawberry?!

Sweet dreams, children...

Since Halloween is the time for dressing up, here's some more costumes Strawberry got her little mitts on, like these Bomb Earrings courtesy of the Tokyo Game Show.

And the very spiky pair of Cactuar ones, too.

I grinded Dzemael Darkhold long enough to get the full set of Bucaneer gear for my Pugilist, yarr harr harr!

As well as the full Harlequin set for my Conjurer! Boo!

Lastly, if this isn't the most convincing Imperial set up then I don't know what is.

Happy All Saint's Wake and Happy Halloween! Thanks for reading!

Monday, 14 October 2013

I got the Magic(tek)

The giant, noisy, clunky Magitek mount really pissed me off at first. Seeing a bunch of them idling around low level areas just screams; "Oh, look at me, I completed the main story a week after release! I'm so cool! I love Final Fantasy 6 way more than you! Nice Chocobo, noob, where's your relic? Oh that's right, you don't have one! Here, you can have one of mine if you want!"

I told myself that when I complete the story I would never use it. It's just a meaningless mount, it's not like it has a soul or anything, right?


Oh boy, how wrong was I? Slowly but surely, I am beginning to feel what all those other Magitek Mount(ers?) are feeling. This thing is not just a mount, it's family.

Slight spoilers below!

After beating Garuda and rescuing Biggs and Wedge, Strawberry learns that the rest of the Scions are being held captive by the Empire. It seems the only way to get in and out of there in one piece is - as Cid put it - to "simply walk in the front door!", using disguises and a piece of Magitek Armour.

After donning the Imperial uniform and learning their official salute, Strawberry got to work leading the enemies closer to where we launched our attack!

After leaving the battlefield with a few cuts and bruises, both Strawberry and the armour had been damaged - but was still repairable!

Even though Biggs and Wedge tried their hardest, something was missing. The giant, overfed, robotic Chocobo just wouldn't "wake up"! Strawberry was sent to the good ol' Goldsmithing guild and picked up the core of Mammet, which, if you recall from this entry, is technically a living being!

After some initial calibration tests and a scuffle with the armour's original owners, something incredible happened!

The Magitek Armour miraculously woke up! Cogs spinning, exhausts fuming, buttons bleeping - it was alive, and fitted right in as part of our little Metalworks family!

Now to use it to take down the Empire! Let's do our best, Magitek!