Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Long Stop

After trundling through the first six dungeons, Strawberry advanced far enough along the main scenario questline to make a very long stop and help out the elusive goblin known as Brayflox Alltalks.

After countless failures with random pickup groups via Duty Finder, I believe Brayflox's Longstop is the first time the game stops holding the player's hand past level 30, and makes them really work for the sweet taste of success ...and gear!

The dungeon's bosses are quite technical and have some really neat gimmicks, such as an Eft that secludes one, random party member in a water bubble until other players break them free, or a Wyvern that heals itself with it's own poisonous vomit!

The latter fight requires a fairly skilled and sturdy tank to know where to stand, when to run away, and how to avoid breath damage. In the screenshot above, our Paladin didn't know any of those things, and I ended up tanking the remaining 75% of the fight on Monk. 

Eventually, the rest of Esquire unlocked the dungeon, and we breezed through it!

As with the Foestriker's and Acolyte's set, I wasn't content with just one clear. 20 or so runs later - most of them as stressful as the last - I finally managed to get every piece of gear, from the elusive Infantry Bandana to these...

...adorable, stripy Battlemage Breeches!

I can't wait to explore even more dungeons in the future with these nubs!

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