Monday, 16 September 2013

The Legacy of the Acolyte's Robe

Last week, I finally obtained all the pieces of my Foestriker's set and went about replaying the first three dungeons to get my mitts on the elusive Acolyte's Robe.

It sure didn't give up without a fight, and the very battle that I obtained it from was the most exciting experience of my FFXIV adventure so far!

Using Duty Finder, I found myself replacing a CNJ that left Tam Tara. Only, there wasn't a tank there either! Just two little Thaumaturges.

After greeting them with emotes, I found out they had made it up to the room before the last sub-boss, and was intrigued to see just how far we could go using only the power of black and white magic!

First, we needed a cultist rosary, so we headed into that annoying little sideroom with the four zombies, and after some carefully placed Sleeps and Fluid Auras, we managed to take them out one by one with Fire and Stone.

Next, we headed over to the final sub-boss. After a few failed attempts, we decided to sleep the mage as I gathered the Imps by self-curing myself with Foresight up.

We kept the mage slept until I had full MP and took him out. Once the demon spawned, I kept hate, and with Stone (+Heavy), kited him around the altars as the THMs barraged him with Fire. I kept firing off Aero and Stone to help making kiting easier, while tossing the odd cure here and there. It worked! But now we were faced with an even bigger challenge...

Strawberry, being not one to back down from a challenge, asked the group if they were up for showing this old Soulflayer just what kind of incredible power magic has.

After using the same strategy as before, I kited the boss around the circular room with self-cures, Aero and Heavy. Once Heavy fully resisted, I managed to keep a good distance from him with Sprint.

The THMs took out Imps as I numbered them, with diremites and skeletons chasing behind me. Once they were dealt with, I delivered the extra enemies into a lovely frozen bath of Blizzard as the THMs worked together to get rid of them, then we focused on the boss again. After 3 very successful attempts at this, it was time to take him down once and for all...!

No tanks, no melee, no Limit Break, just magic.

If your tank abandons your next Tam Tara run, just remember that with magic, there is always a way!

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  1. The first time I joined a party in progress it was Tam Tara. The battle had just begun, and we had a tank, arcanist, and some melee of some sort, and myself as conjurer. However, after the first orb was deactivated our tank vanished. We waited for a few minutes hoping a new one would appear, but soon decided to make a go of it using the arcanist's topaz Carbuncle as a tank, I focused my heals on it (not an easy task since I have no way to select Carbuncles easily), allowing the arcanist to focus on damage.

    We made it through the next orb area and almost to the the final sub-boss area before we started to fall apart. As soon as I got knocked out, a new tank came in and saved the day. I'll never know if we could have pulled it back together and beaten that tentacle-faced freak on our own, but it was still an exciting time!