Thursday, 12 September 2013

My First Job(s?!)

Monk unlocked!

While a lot of the gameplay is the same as Pugilist for now, being able to switch out combos from Damage over Time to Spike Damage is a nice touch! Currently I rotate the following combos:

Bootshine (Behind) > Twin Snakes (Flank) > +Touch of Death (Flank) > +Demolish (Behind)

This adds two DoTs, one on a 30 second timer, the other slighlty after on an 18 second timer so they both last before I can reapply them. During these 18 seconds, I then perform:

Bootshine (Behind) > Twin Snakes (Flank) > Rockbreaker (Position depends on the relative position of other, multiple unslept enemies) / Snap Punch (Flank, if enemies are bundled together and slept).

If however, I need to grab a bunch of enemies before the tank flashes them (so they don't rush off towards the mages), I replace Bootshine with Arm of the Destroyer.

More advice and combo tactics are welcome!

White Mage unlocked!

As mentioned in a very early blog post, I never really took a liking to any support roles in other MMOs, so this is a first for me! Luckily, with my head full of how DPS classes perform, I can kind of understand what makes a good and bad White Mage.

I believe the job is not only about healing. There are so many crowd control features built into WHM, I find myself in the heat of battle more than on the sidelines spamming Cure over and over.

Firstly, most of the tanks I team up with never mark or label their enemy order. Y'know, the little yellow 1, 2 and 3 that players can place over an enemy's name. I take that responsibility into my own mitts, then after than tank engages, I start sleeping enemies in reverse with Repose.

Repose is priceless. If unresisted, it lasts for a full 30 seconds. Reapplying once the timer hits 3-2 seconds gives you an additional 15 seconds, then reapplying again gives you a final 6 seconds before the enemy resists. That's around 50 seconds worth of time for the party to demolish one enemy, if you time your sleep correctly and balance out when you Cure, and when to sleep.

If things get messy, there's always Fluid Aura. This under-appreciated ability costs no MP, and is a knockback spell with a fairly short recast timer that also binds an enemy for 6 seconds! This, combined with Repose, means nothing is hitting my party expect the monster they are fighting.

Around level 32, Freecure is a fantastic trait that allows a 15% chance of being able to cast a free (costs no MP) Cure II. A lot of the time, especially at low MP, this trait is literally a lifesaver.

The effect of Freecure lasts a good while after casting Cure, too. So, if no players are in desperate need of a Cure II, use that time to regen some MP, then hit them with the spell before the effect wears off.

Lastly, knowing when to cure is key! With a lot of MND, White Mage can pull off some incredible numbers. Sometimes Cure II isn't needed if your normal Cures can critical for over 1,000 HP. In big, long, drawn-out fights, always depend on Cure, use Cure II cautiously, and only when it's free! 

I like to call this "Riding on Freecure!"

Thanks for reading! As I mentioned earlier, I always appreciate feedback on how to play these jobs the best I can!

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