Thursday, 12 September 2013


Last week, I managed to get all War, Magic and Crafting classes to 15. This week, I raised Botany and Fishing to 20. I will be putting my equipment for these jobs into temporary storage while I focus on Pugilist, Conjurer, Miner, Goldsmithing, and continuing with the epic main scenario questline!

Here are some random screenshots during my adventures up to level 30, enjoy!

Arcanist 15! A very fun job, with a very intelligent pet system and fantastic solo play potential. Compared to FFXI's Puppetmaster, this is definitely and improvement!

However - nasty as this sounds - my personal experiences of seeing other players use Arcanist, Summoner, or Scholar in dungeons makes it seems less damaging than, say, Pugilist or Lancer, and incredibly less dependable as Conjurer or White Mage. If anyone has any positive experiences, I would love to hear them before taking it up to 30!

I found another engraved tablet in Ala Mhingo! This time it's got Rhalgr's symbol on it!

The deserted Red Labyrinth in Southern Thanalan. Can you spot a little Lalafell in this picture?

I safely arrived at Highbridge!

Strawberry becomes best buds with this Scarecrow up at Highbridge.

When suddenly, a massive 4 act FATE took place! Attack on Highbridge was incredibly fun! I can't wait to protect it time and time again!

Some beautiful scenery at Drybone, overlooking Ul'dah! Careful not to fall off, Strawberry.

This Lalafell doesn't just take care of chigoes or bigger chigoes! Heck, even bigger chigoes are still no match for her fists!

How can so much power fit in such a small treasure coffer?!

Honestly, Llyria. It was bad enough you enjoyed dancing on bones in FFXI, but now you're doing it in FFXIV too?!

Speaking of FFXI, in order to obtain a Monk's Black Belt, you first needed three very rare items from the game's original "King" monsters. The only item which I could never obtain, no matter how many times I tried, was an Adamantoise Egg. Well, now I found it!'s in the wrong game.

...Still counts though, right?

Fishing 20! Just look at the joy on Strawberry's face!

Llyria and Strawberry venture out into the cold, dark highlands of Coerthas. I really dislike cold temperatures, but this area and the special weather effects are beautifully stunning!

Lastly, I headed back to safety in the North Shroud, I noticed a very peculiar object. It reminded me of Halo, and I stared at it for hours! (Well, ingame hours!)

Us? Destroy an entire Halo? Impossible! Just look at that shit-eating grin!

Thanks for reading!

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