Thursday, 12 September 2013


A few weeks back, our linkshell decided it was time to start up a Free Company and start getting some delicious bonuses such as a company chest, 24 hours buffs, and a lovely little crest which we can proudly display on our clothing.

Naming the Company took weeks! We thought up around 50 names before deciding on something that is simple, and looks good next to our character names.

What could be more fitting for a group of hoity-toity players who give it nothing but their best?

After our first official meeting, myself, Llyria, Mariot and introducing my long time Australian friend Grahz on the right there, all chipped in gil and founded Esquire!

Currently we have around 12 members and have just hit Rank 5! You can view our progress and cheer us on via the Lodestone here!

Let's keep giving it our best, Esquire!

Additionally, I personally levelled up my Immortal Flames Grand Company ranking to the next tier! You go get 'em, Strawberry!

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