Thursday, 12 September 2013

Dungeon Running Company!

Continuing on from my previous blog post, I finally unlocked and briefly explored the next tier of dungeons! I wonder what kind of secrets are in store?

Warning: Contains slight spoilers!

The wind quietly blows through this abandoned pit as countless demonic monsters rule over what was once a thriving Colosseum, where the strong must succeed to win...

Yet now, the strong and fearless must survive.

No prison can contain the wretched stench of failure, as the carcasses of those fallen in battle litter every one of these thousand cells...

...But smells are one thing. Poison, on the other hand, is something you really do not want entering your lungs.

A dusty, forgotten, untouched yet not untainted mansion overlooks the Black Shroud. What secrets lie within its forty walls?

To some adventurers... these secrets are better left alone.

To those wishing to seek the truth... I pray to the Gods that your belief in the Crystal will save you from the darkness that lies ahead.

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