Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Atop the Highest Mountains

Miner 50!

With Goldsmith hitting 50 this weekend, it was only natural that Miner eventually caught up. After all, in order to level Goldsmithing, I needed rocks, ores, jewels, and most of all, crystals! 

Now, in order to continue crafting as a Goldsmith, I needed Miner at 50. This is because a lot of high level recipes require high quality base items, which can only be found at special, timed Mining nodes throughout Eorzea.

It's a matter of being in the right place, at the right time, with just enough Perception in order to dig them up. This is by no means a fun task, and can cost quite a bit to teleport to the correct area in time.

At 320 perception (Full AF+1 gear with two Perception+5 materia), the HQ rate goes from 0% to 1%. Farming these special HQ items is by no means an easy task for players with no materia or GP to boost that 1% up to a mere 36% max. The highest amount I can get is 11%!

At 50 with the gear mentioned above, I am at 551 GP. Now, 300 GP is needed to make all out of reach items reachable, which leaves me with 251GP - 49GP short of behind able to hit a decent amount of HQ (300GP), so for now I just bump up my gathering rate, and spend the last 100 GP on a miserable HQ rate.

So, until I get some good materia, I'm just going to repeat this every hour until eventually HQ items start popping out. You only get 6 swings every 69 minutes after all!

Any tips or the best way to augment gear are welcome! the fate of my future HQ Aetherite Rings rely on it!

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