Wednesday, 4 September 2013

15 is the Limit!

While the servers are down, nobody can hear you scream...

I suffered from a lot of log in problems this week, as did the rest of the world. Tonberry was especially full, maybe because its home to Japanese, Australian and other Oceanic players. That should all be fixed by tonight!

So, what have I been up to? After thwarting Ifrit and signing up to the Immortal Flames, I got my own Grand Company Chocobo!

Strawberry knocked some vigor into Hamon one-on-one as I levelled my Pugilist up to 30. Pugilist is my second class to 30 after Goldsmithing, but will be my first class to take on a proper Job after I complete the necessary quests. I'm so excited to see what happens next as I get stronger and stronger!

But before I break the limit (get it?), I decided to level up every other job to 15 to try them all out!

While this gruelling task took over a week to complete, I got to visit a load of beautiful places!

For Marauder and Arcanist, I focused on FATEs and Hunting Log entries in and around Limsa Lominsa, I also did a whole bunch of quests around Aleport when I ran out of things to slaughter. the area just outsdie Aleport is perfect for FATE hunting.

I also found the first of many engraved tablets along my journey!

For Thaumaturge and Gladiator, I wandered around finishing up quests I started on Pugilist around Ul'dah, and started doing Guildheists. Queueing up for them while completing Hunting Logs is a very efficient way to level up under 15! This is also how I levelled my Gridania based classes.

It's amazing how so many far away places are still unexplored. I can't wait to find them all!

Like this Ancient Goobbue! I remember catching a glimpse of him in the beta, he's not that scary up close.

Lastly, here's a shot of me, Llyria and Mariot as we tried to climb up the invisible city! not so invisible now, are you?

Despite the constant disconnects and flurry of "world is full" error messages, it was a pretty fun week! I'm glad I took the time to level everything up to 15, including crafts, and getting access to a whole handful of useful cross-class abilities which should help me along my path to level 50.

From now on, who knows what adventures await!

Thanks for reading!

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