Monday, 30 September 2013





White Mage 45! If it wasn't for the insanely huge MP cost, This would be my favourite spell in the entire ga- nah, screw it. This is my favourite spell in the entire game! Just check out the adorable little animation followed by a sky-shattering blast!

White Mage is slowly becoming my favourite job!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Haukke Hotel

Me and Mariot asked for a room at Haukke Manor after we cleared it a bunch of times last week, then went exploring.

Mariot played some beautiful music in the orchestra room! Those double basses ain't got shit on her melodies.

Strawberry shows off her mad sleepin' and flashin' skills. As in, panty flashing.

Then we decided to take a quick nap on a nearby sofa. It's a shame a lot of players only do this dungeon once, mainly due to all of the items being junk. It's such a beautiful place to explore with a lot of assets that I haven't seen anywhere else ingame yet. I hope it gets reused later!

Sayonara Summer

Summer has come and gone!

The Moonlight Faire was my first Seasonal event in FFXIV, and ever since the Benchmark I've wanted to run around in a Cascade bikini. Well, in a Lalafell's case, it's more of a skirt!

I grabbed every colour, and even use them in the first three dungeons. I know, I know, I really shouldn't be doing that, but can you ever say no to this adorable little face?

O...okay so it might not be that adorable. Even Rie is averting her eyes...

Speaking of Rie, here we are after clearing Brayflox's Longstop!

I can't wait to see what more adorable costumes are in store come Halloween time! Stay tuned!

The Long Stop

After trundling through the first six dungeons, Strawberry advanced far enough along the main scenario questline to make a very long stop and help out the elusive goblin known as Brayflox Alltalks.

After countless failures with random pickup groups via Duty Finder, I believe Brayflox's Longstop is the first time the game stops holding the player's hand past level 30, and makes them really work for the sweet taste of success ...and gear!

The dungeon's bosses are quite technical and have some really neat gimmicks, such as an Eft that secludes one, random party member in a water bubble until other players break them free, or a Wyvern that heals itself with it's own poisonous vomit!

The latter fight requires a fairly skilled and sturdy tank to know where to stand, when to run away, and how to avoid breath damage. In the screenshot above, our Paladin didn't know any of those things, and I ended up tanking the remaining 75% of the fight on Monk. 

Eventually, the rest of Esquire unlocked the dungeon, and we breezed through it!

As with the Foestriker's and Acolyte's set, I wasn't content with just one clear. 20 or so runs later - most of them as stressful as the last - I finally managed to get every piece of gear, from the elusive Infantry Bandana to these...

...adorable, stripy Battlemage Breeches!

I can't wait to explore even more dungeons in the future with these nubs!

Atop the Highest Mountains

Miner 50!

With Goldsmith hitting 50 this weekend, it was only natural that Miner eventually caught up. After all, in order to level Goldsmithing, I needed rocks, ores, jewels, and most of all, crystals! 

Now, in order to continue crafting as a Goldsmith, I needed Miner at 50. This is because a lot of high level recipes require high quality base items, which can only be found at special, timed Mining nodes throughout Eorzea.

It's a matter of being in the right place, at the right time, with just enough Perception in order to dig them up. This is by no means a fun task, and can cost quite a bit to teleport to the correct area in time.

At 320 perception (Full AF+1 gear with two Perception+5 materia), the HQ rate goes from 0% to 1%. Farming these special HQ items is by no means an easy task for players with no materia or GP to boost that 1% up to a mere 36% max. The highest amount I can get is 11%!

At 50 with the gear mentioned above, I am at 551 GP. Now, 300 GP is needed to make all out of reach items reachable, which leaves me with 251GP - 49GP short of behind able to hit a decent amount of HQ (300GP), so for now I just bump up my gathering rate, and spend the last 100 GP on a miserable HQ rate.

So, until I get some good materia, I'm just going to repeat this every hour until eventually HQ items start popping out. You only get 6 swings every 69 minutes after all!

Any tips or the best way to augment gear are welcome! the fate of my future HQ Aetherite Rings rely on it!

Going for Gold

Goldsmith 50!

My first job to level 50, and also one that really touched my heart with it's lovely little questline. I learned a lot about crafting, made a bunch of high quality items for friends, and even accumulated a nice little chunk of change for myself. After all; no coin, no life!

Slight spoilers below!

Gigi, the foul-mouthed Mammet that never believed in Strawberry's skills ended up saving the day by helping take down the famous jewel thief Jade Fox - at the expensive of his own soul!

As it turns out, Strawberry's skills shone through, and with the power of a perfectly crafted black pearl, Gigi was back to his usual, nasty self!

Even better, Gigi's original name (or at least the name on his core) is Mnejing, one of Aphmau's automatons from Final Fantasy XI's Treasures of Aht Urghan expansion pack. As mentioned before, I was a huge fan of Puppetmaster, and despite this questline focusing on love, betrayal, jewels and thieves, this little nod to automatons, and ToAU, really touched my core.

All back to normal Mneji- I mean, Gigi!

And there we have it! The final quest nets you a relic main-hand tool, which also changes the appearance of your primary crafting surface, and one piece of Artifact Armor.

I bought the rest for cheap on the Marketplace, and found out you can even dye them!

Dalamund Red and Abyssal Blue will do for now! But, my life as a Goldsmith has just began. I managed to complete every crafting log entry up to 50, but now it's time to buckle down, and start working on the 50★ and 50★★ entries. it's going to take a lot of work and a lot of time, but eventually, I think I can get there!

As always, wish me luck! Oh, and if you need any melding on Tonberry, send me a tell!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Mining the Days Away...

Miner 46!

I found this little guy stuck in a rock somewhere. Strawberry has no idea who he is or why he keeps following her around!

Now that I have access to secret mining locations, an extra little challenge of being in the right place at the right time has been added to my schedule. I'm going to work on completing my Gathering Log this weekend, and possibly try for the hard-to-reach level 50 on Miner, which - from what I can see - will be a tougher climb than half the mountains I have challenged so far!

All of this so I can make pretty jewellery! Well, best to get the hard part out of the way first, right?

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

One Month!

It's been one month since the start of Beta Test 4 and ultimately, FFXIV!

Here's what I managed to achieve so far, along with some unforgettable adventures, incredibly swag, a handful of new friends and the most precious part - a blog full of memories!

Thanks for all your support, here's to the future!

Monday, 16 September 2013

The Legacy of the Acolyte's Robe

Last week, I finally obtained all the pieces of my Foestriker's set and went about replaying the first three dungeons to get my mitts on the elusive Acolyte's Robe.

It sure didn't give up without a fight, and the very battle that I obtained it from was the most exciting experience of my FFXIV adventure so far!

Using Duty Finder, I found myself replacing a CNJ that left Tam Tara. Only, there wasn't a tank there either! Just two little Thaumaturges.

After greeting them with emotes, I found out they had made it up to the room before the last sub-boss, and was intrigued to see just how far we could go using only the power of black and white magic!

First, we needed a cultist rosary, so we headed into that annoying little sideroom with the four zombies, and after some carefully placed Sleeps and Fluid Auras, we managed to take them out one by one with Fire and Stone.

Next, we headed over to the final sub-boss. After a few failed attempts, we decided to sleep the mage as I gathered the Imps by self-curing myself with Foresight up.

We kept the mage slept until I had full MP and took him out. Once the demon spawned, I kept hate, and with Stone (+Heavy), kited him around the altars as the THMs barraged him with Fire. I kept firing off Aero and Stone to help making kiting easier, while tossing the odd cure here and there. It worked! But now we were faced with an even bigger challenge...

Strawberry, being not one to back down from a challenge, asked the group if they were up for showing this old Soulflayer just what kind of incredible power magic has.

After using the same strategy as before, I kited the boss around the circular room with self-cures, Aero and Heavy. Once Heavy fully resisted, I managed to keep a good distance from him with Sprint.

The THMs took out Imps as I numbered them, with diremites and skeletons chasing behind me. Once they were dealt with, I delivered the extra enemies into a lovely frozen bath of Blizzard as the THMs worked together to get rid of them, then we focused on the boss again. After 3 very successful attempts at this, it was time to take him down once and for all...!

No tanks, no melee, no Limit Break, just magic.

If your tank abandons your next Tam Tara run, just remember that with magic, there is always a way!

Thursday, 12 September 2013


4/4 Foestriker's set!

One of the first goals I wanted to achieve since Beta Test Phase 3. Unlike the beta, it took me over 30 runs to nab them all after they made them only obtainable from the final chest, and not every chest. Those were the days...!

For readers of my old FFXI blog, where gear and sets played a big part of the endgame experience, and to new readers from Eorzea, I am a big fan of full sets. It's maybe just a completion thing, but here I am, 15 levels higher than the intended level of this set, and over the moon at finally having collected it all!

Big thanks to the Mariot who helped lock DPS roles in place so that whoever popped in via Duty Finder couldn't snatch those pesky mitts from me!

Now, onto collecting Acolytes for my level 30 White Mage...?!

Under the Hot Sun I

I've been very busy this week!

Starting with grabbing a Unicorn after unlocking WHM. According to a rumor, they say this mount was put into the game to attract more people to level a healer job. I think I am one of the few who wanted a healing job to heal, not for a horse!

I still prefer my lovely Coeurl, though!

Mounts aside, Strawberry also made a new companion to help fight alongside her! Meet Mochi! I am going to level up the Healer role, because I will always be a DPS at heart and the extra cures and chocoregen will really help!

SMACK! Miner level 35! So much sweat and tears at the lack of HQ ores, and the pain of watching how slowly the experience point bar fills up - even with Levequests! My tactic for surviving levelling this job is to mindlessly do it while watching TV or Hulu. A chore, pretty much. I wish it was a little more exciting, but alas, I cannot continue crafting unless I do my best breaking rocks, first!

Goldsmith 35! I can almost HQ Mythril stuff often, but not as often as I would like to. I can HQ silver ingots 100% of the time, however. Many FC members still need Silver items, and they still sell fairly well on the Market. I can't wait until I can make a full set of Mythril items for my Monk and White Mage though!

I haven't been the only one trying my hardest either! Llyria has gotten Weaving up to the same level as me. She even made us matching Velveteen outfits while I took care of her glasses, rings, and chokers. Aren't we adorable?

...but when it comes to Monk, I'm stuck with this depressingly ugly Toadskin jacket. For now, anyway!

Don't be so sad, Strawberry, U'rahtalo will cheer anyone up! I remember Mariot telling me about this quest - and that her dialogue changes depending on which gender you are. Possibly the sexiest and open NPC in the game I reckon!

Yep, no problems, here! Poor Mochi is so confused...

Then again, I just can't shake the feeling that no matter how hard I try, I will never be as sexy as this Roegadyn! Cheer up, Strawberry!

Speaking of Mariot, here we are with our new Baby Bun pets from an incredibly big and exciting FATE in the East Shroud. Y'know, looking at our faces, it's almost as if we don't want these little things as minions!

Thanks for reading!