Monday, 19 August 2013

Strawberry-flavoured Origins

The Open Beta Test has just ended! 

A whole weekend of adventure, exploration, meeting old and new friends, and Strawberry's first footsteps into the grand world of Eorzea has come to a close. With just 4 days until Early Access and the release of Final Fantasy XIV, let's recap on what I got up to!

The first class I took on was Pugilist. It's currently at level 15, which means I can now dye my gear a different colour than their usual Captain Planet defaults! However, getting this far wasn't exactly full of eye candy...

Oh subligar, my old friend, why must we meet again?

As far as Disciples of War go, Pugilist wasn't the only job I took a liking to. I am really interested in trying out some of the magic classes, so levelled Conjurer up to 15 for Raise, Protect, and Cure! Maybe I'll take it further on release! Some of the quest battles were pretty gruesome, but I managed to pull through okay!

Moving on, Disciples of the Hand! My main craft is going to be Goldsmithing, partially because of my fetish for Automatons, but mainly because Serendipity, the guild master, is the most adorable and lively character I've met so far. I hope she continues to cheer me on!

My Goldsmith hit level 20 during the Open Beta and is currently my highest class! I couldn't have done it without meeting Llyria, my local Weaver, and long time FFXI friend. We crafted and HQ'd a whole bunch of crafting gear for each other using or respectable classes as we climbed up to the level cap. More on him in the future!

Lastly, introducing the third class type: Disciple of the Land! I levelled Botanist and Miner to 12 alongside Llyria, to help him gather up a bunch of cotton and for my own Goldsmithing needs. 

Even though I was mainly gathering up quest items, another long time FFXI friend, G'rahz, dumped a whole load of raw jewels on me, and I spent most of the days polishing them up. it was thanks to him that I managed to hit level 20 on Goldsmith so quickly! Again, more on G'rahz in the future!

Now, what should I dig up next?

As much fun as crafting and gathering are, nothing gets the heart beating faster than the sense of danger! I completed all the missions required to get access to dungeons and the Duty Finder, which allows players to team up across multiple servers and take part in instanced raids. 

I found the missions a lot easier this time around, especially the one above. I'll try not to spoil things for those who are waiting for release, but playing an MMO with top-notch Japanese voice acting and an incredibly interesting and deep storyline is bringing back those old FFXI memories once again. Only this time, the sense of adventure seems much, much bigger!

The last thing I did before getting disconnected from the test was obtaining my Airship pass! This allows me to fly between the three major cities of Ul'dah, Limsa Limosa, and Gridania any time I want!

My heart swelled up as the loveable characters that I spent the weekend with wished me a safe journey...

...and as a new world literally opened up beneath my feet, only one thing really came to mind.

Aside from the spectacular draw distance, I felt - just for one weekend - that I was really a part of Eorzea.

And that's all for now! Time for a week-long sleep!

Thanks for reading, see you on release!


  1. Lovely post! Good luck Strawberry :D

  2. Awesome post. You take really good screenshots! Are you just using prt sc, or do you use another program for it?

    I just started blogging over att, so I'm happy to see that there's a growing community of bloggers out there. I'll add you to my blogroll to make sure I stop by every day. =)

    1. Thanks! I'll add you back!

      As for the screenshots, since you can't take any in cutscenes (what's up with that?) I leave Photoshop open and just Print Screen > AltTab > Paste them into it every time I take one. It's annoying, but seems to work I guess!

  3. The sleeping sequence for Lalas in the inn is so funny xD

    love your screenshots, keep it up :)

  4. Just started blogging about FFXIV anyway, you are definitely on my blog roll. If you'd like to add me too I'm at See you at Launch.
    Kisses, K

    1. Thanks! I added you back. Here's to the 27th!