Friday, 16 August 2013

Introducing Strawberry Daifuku!

Hello, nice to meet you! 

My name is Jkun, but you're not here to read about me, are you? Here's a little information about my Final Fantasy XIV character, Strawberry Daifuku!

★ Name & Birthday: Strawberry Daifuku 01/05

In Japanese, "Daifuku"「大福」means "good luck", but is also the name of a popular glutinous rice cake (mochi), that is usually stuffed with a variety of different sweet bean pastes. Strawberry Daifuku「イチゴ大福」is a very popular type of rice cake with a strawberry in the centre, and is usually pink or while in colour. These are commonly sold throughout Japan during springtime.

Strawberry's birthday is 01/05. When written in short form Japanese, this reads as「1月5日」 and is pronounced "ichigo"「イチゴ」, which is the Japanese word for "Strawberry"!

Race: Lalafell ♀ Dunesfolk

During my time in Final Fantasy XI, I played a giant Elvaan character, so wanted a change of, let's say, perspective as I begin my adventure in Final Fantasy XIV. While Strawberry may only be 37 inches tall, she is full of energy and always has a smile on that little, cheeky face of hers.

Deity: Nald'thal

As mentioned before, Strawberry's last name, Daifuku, can mean "good luck", but it can also mean "great fortune". What better deity to look over her shoulder than the Nald'thal trader twins? Here's hoping she'll always have enough gil in her pocket during her adventures in Eorzea!

Starting Class & City: Pugilist, Ul'dah

Jkun, my Final Fantasy XI character, was a master of hand-to-hand combat. Boasting great skills as both a Monk and Puppetmaster with his little automaton sidekick E100. Now, it's time to pass that torch onto Strawberry as she continues to lay the smack-down on enemies, proving that height means nothing if you fists are full of hellfire!

The Pugilist's guild is conveniently located Ul'dah, which is very fitting for a Dunesfolk Lalafell with a great belief that the guardian deity Nald'thal has her back!

What now?

In Final Fantasy XI, I focused on dealing damage and never really took the time to sit down and study all this bogus, hocus-pocus magic nonsense. While Strawberry will always keep Pugilist on Monk up there at the top, I would also like to try out Conjurer, White Mage, Arcanist and Scholar, too!

Thanks for reading!

Wish me luck, and see you in Eorzea!

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