Friday, 30 August 2013

Attack on Ifrit I

Looks like something is troubling the locals of Ul'dah! It appears some aether-munching Primal just can't stop being summoned by beastmen. Well, time to put an end to it!

After a very rude welcome, Strawberry was whisked away to the summoning circle and a very strange ceremony started to take place...

All hail Ifrit! what Strawberry would have said, if she didn't have her head screwed on tight.

Yeah, yeah. Yap all you want big guy, you aren't brainwashing this Lalafell!

After a swift barrage of arrows and a couple hundred rounds of Blizzard to the face, Ifrit was defeat and we could continue on with the main storyline!

But I don't think that was the last time our paths will cross...

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