Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Dungeon Crawling Company!

After completing the first few main scenario quests during early access, me and my friends started to crawl through the first three dungeons. But first, an introduction!

From left to right we have Mariot, Llyria and yours truly.

Llyria is a friend I met in FFXI when I server transferred to Fairy. Our adventures ranged from beating down dragons in our endgame Linkshell, to conquering the majority of the game by ourselves as we formed an incredibly tight and well-oiled partnership. It's only natural we would once again team up to take on the realm of Eorzea! Llyria's blog can be found here!

Next up is Mariot, who I also met through FFXI. From Tarutaru to Miqo'te, Mariot always brings that extra spark of energy to the party. Some say that one day the student becomes the teacher. In Mariot's case, that might be true when it comes to FFXIV. Always in-training and nested snugly under Strawberry's and Llyria's wings, Mariot is a solid cornerstone of the group. Her blog can be found here!

There are so many more people I want to talk about, so stay tuned! For now, let's quickly explore the first three dungeons of FFXIV! Don't worry, no spoilers here!

Beautiful, glimmering coral reefs disguise the continuous threat of treacherous pirates as we navigated our way through the deep-blue caverns into their stronghold. 

As we hunted down the elusive Captain, we discovered something much more threatening was waiting for us in the Sultana's Lap...!

While Gridania's persistent cries for help echoed through the moss-filled corridors of Tam Tara Deepcroft, we started to unravel the secret behind this mystical, archaic city of ruin.

However, after almost thwarting the sinister plans of the Dalamund priests, it appears whatever kind of ceremony they were holding bore success, and we were faced with something much more terrifying...!

Lastly, we ended up in Copperbell Mines, a maze of abandoned mine shafts that all lead to the same place: dark, crystal-filled caverns with danger at every turn.

The rocks broke open to reveal not only an army of enraged titans, but an incredibly dark secret that should have died with them a long, long time ago...!

Duty Complete! For now...

Thanks for reading!

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